Staying in a motel in Albury is the best alternative for those who love to travel but they are within a strict budget. That is because of the fact that motels are reasonably priced when compared to hotels. However, travelers don't exactly want to stay in motels due to safety issues. The reason behind this is that incidents of crime such as rape or theft often happen in a motel, hence, doing damage to the reputation of motels everywhere. But, this does not indicate that all motels are not safe. You may still find motels that aren't only reasonably priced but also safe for you and your family to stay in.

Here are some safety checklists which will help you when you are thinking about getting an accommodation in a motel.

* Check the area and surroundings of the motel before getting out of your car. Do you see any dubious or shady looking character lurking around the area? If you notice one, then it's advisable to drive to another motel. Always trust your gut instinct even if you do not see strangers loitering around the vicinity. Most of the time, your instinct can sense danger faster than your logical mind. So, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

* After checking in, do a complete and careful examination of your room. Check the sink and walls for holes. Also, look for hidden cameras that may be installed in your room. In case you find any one of these, notify the police at once and file a report. Then move to another motel.

* Be sure you use the peephole before you open the door. You will find peepholes in nearly all motels. Some have peepholes that aren't only for adults but for children as well. In case you have a child with you, it's good to clearly explain to her or him never to open or unlock the door without telling you first. Furthermore, you should always determine the identity of the person knocking at your door, particularly when you may not know him or her.

* Be familiar with the emergency exits. This can prove useful in cases of fire or other types of emergencies that might occur. It's usually found behind your door. A motel in Albury is completely furnished with safety standards.

* Always lock the door as well as the deadbolt if you are in the room. Before checking in, ask whether or not the rooms have deadbolts and key cards for every room. This will guarantee you safety and security compared to the standard lock and key.

Wherever you go, you need to take into consideration the security of the place that you are in. So, it is important to be mindful especially when selecting a motel in Albury. Having presence of mind and following the security checklist stated earlier are some ways to keep you away from danger.
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